Fakro Roof Blinds

*To properly select the size of accessories, it is necessary to know the size of the window, which is given on the rating plate on the window sash.

Roller Blinds FAKRO

Live with colours ...
The standard roller blinds protects from the light and at the same time can be an additional element of decoration in the attic. The roller blind reduces the amount of incoming light, adds style to the room, and the wide range of fabric designs (plain, patterned) allows you to match or contrast the blind's material with the decor of any room.

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FAKRO Blackout Blinds

Night by day...
ARF Sunset- provides perfect protection from the sunlight ensuring complete room interior black out .

ARF blackout blinds are made of an elegant, decorative material. They have side runners enabling room interior black out. ARF blackout blind can be stopped at any point up the window.

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FAKRO Venetian Blinds

Light in your hands...
The Venetian AJP blind is a popular roof window accessory which can control the amount of light entering the room. Through changing the angle of the lamellaes we can control the direction of sunlight and create a unique atmosphere.

The Venetian blind protects from overheating and constitutes a decorative element. Side aluminium rails enable a complete shading of the room and also make it possible to rotate the sash with the blind pulled down.

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FAKRO roof Roller Shutters

Discover oasis...
External roller shutter provides total comfort when using the attic space because it protects from overheating, enables complete shading of the room, reduces noise from the outside and ensures privacy by completely covering the window.

Installed on the outside, roller shutters improve protection on sunny days from uncomfortable heat gain. The inside surface of the aluminium slats is covered with a special coating, which limits incoming heat.

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Accessories enable you to regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. As a result you can achieve complete darkness, even on a sunny day. They can additionally protect from the harmful influence of computer screen reflections. * All FAKRO products are 100% genuine

FAKRO roof roller blinds are an effective protection of the attic against the sun, which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms. At home, it is often a space containing: a bedroom, a children's room, a bathroom, a dressing room, rooms where the residents stay in the morning, and then in the afternoon and evening. The space for relaxation, in turn, apartments located in the attic often create an open space, which is sometimes also used by the owner for work. The original FAKRO blinds are available at Knall, which are suitable for all types of Fakro roof windows.

The following are available in the range of window covers: internal: Decorative roller blinds (ARP, ARP electric, ARS eco) Gummed blackout roller blinds providing 100% blackout (ARF, electric ARF) Shutters (AJP, AJP electric) Pleated roller blinds (APF, APS) External: Awnings (AMZ manual, AMZ manual NEW, AMZ electric, AMZ solar) Roller shutters (ARZ -H manual, ARZ Z - electric wave, ARZ solar)

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