How much do wooden blinds cost?

The prices of wooden interior blinds vary due to their size and the type of material used. They are also influenced by whether we are dealing with manually or automatically controlled models. They range from 50 £ to 200 £ per item. Custom-made wooden blinds may be a bit more expensive, but they are more functional than standard solutions.

Are wooden blinds practical?

People interested in wooden interior blinds usually pay attention to their appearance. However, although it is extremely attractive, it is certainly not their only advantage. The fact that wooden blinds are not only beautiful, but also practical is best demonstrated by the fact that they protect not only against excessively intense sunlight. They also allow you to regulate access to sunlight, so they provide ideal conditions for both work and leisure. Perfectly adhering to the window, they also provide thermal insulation at a high level.

Do wooden blinds block out well?

Internal wooden blinds allow for blackout so effective that after covering them you can sleep in comfortable conditions during the day. This justifies ordering them by people who work in shifts, and thus need to ensure a daytime sleep with properties as close as possible to those of a night's sleep. What is worth emphasizing, the blackout properties of wooden blinds can be additionally enhanced by deciding to purchase models that are equipped with a tape ladder. This allows you to cover the holes in the blinds, further enhancing the final effect.

How much do internal wooden blinds cost?

Prices for indoor wooden blinds range from £50 to £200 each. The differences relate primarily to the size of the roller shutters and the mechanism used to control them. Slightly more expensive than classic internal wooden blinds are bamboo models. However, it should be remembered that they are also more "delicate", therefore lighter.

Which blinds, wooden or bamboo?

Wooden and bamboo internal blinds belong to the same group of window covers. However, although they have many common features, we are also able to point out quite significant differences between them. The most important of them concerns the weight of the blinds. Those made of bamboo are not only thinner, but also more delicate than wooden ones. No wonder that they are recommended where windows have large dimensions. Of course, classic wooden blinds can also be placed in such windows. However, it should be taken into account that their handling will be complicated due to their weight.

The advantage of bamboo blinds is also their typical high resistance to moisture. So while wooden models can be placed in living rooms, bedrooms and offices without fear, bamboo will work wherever traditional wood is, but better as a kitchen and bathroom decoration. Wooden blinds are also known to be a better thermal insulator.

What color of blinds for white windows?

White windows, contrary to the often repeated belief, not only do not limit our compositional possibilities, but even encourage experimenting with the colors of the blinds. Among the colors that turn out to be particularly popular are:

  • classic white not only consistent with the white of the windows, but also brightens up the room,
  • black, which allows you to obtain the effect of contrast,
  • natural wood colors selected taking into account the furniture in a specific room,

Of course, nothing stands in the way of using more expressive colors, including more and more fashionable pastels. In this case, however, it is worth remembering that the tone of the room itself should be more balanced.

Which is better venetian blinds or roller blinds?

It is difficult to answer unequivocally the question of whether blinds are better solutions than roller blinds. The choice of one or the other solution depends on many factors, among which the buyer's individual preferences turn out to be the ones that come to the fore.

Blinds are valued primarily because they allow you to easily regulate how much light enters the room. What's more, thanks to the appropriate systems, you can efficiently raise them completely, although until recently, roller blind enthusiasts could boast of such a possibility. The advantage of the blinds is also that they effectively protect the rooms not only against cooling down in winter, but also against heating up in summer. People who choose aluminum blinds also pay attention to their low price. These solutions are much more attractive in this respect than wooden blinds, so their purchase can be comparable in cost to the purchase of classic roller blinds.

Until recently, people choosing roller shutters instead of blinds emphasized the importance of the price argument. After all, solid solutions of this kind could be purchased without spending more than several dozen zlotys. However, the low price is not the only argument in favor of investing in window blinds. Their advantages also include:

  • rich colors and a wide selection of fabrics used for their production,
  • a very large possibility of personalization, which does not involve the need to incur spectacular costs,
  • the ease with which you can match the blinds to the decor of a specific interior,
  • easy to clean.

What is the difference between roller blinds and venetian blinds?

Although many people use the terms roller blind and blind interchangeably, this is not the right approach. There are many differences between them, and the vast majority cannot be described as cosmetic differences.

Design differences come to the fore. The curtain of the blind, unlike the one that is characteristic of roller blinds, is made using profiled slats based on a single aluminum sheet. The horizontal slats must be connected to each other in some way. Most often, a tape and a textile ladder are used in this case. What is worth emphasizing, the blinds do not have to be equipped with side guides. Often their role can be performed by stainless steel links.

Both roller blinds and blinds can be installed for many reasons. People who primarily want to protect themselves from the sun's rays must bear in mind that roller blinds are much less flexible solutions in this respect than blinds. Of course, there are also significant differences in the blinds themselves, so it is worth noting that those that allow for a large degree of regulation of the light supply are particularly effective.

Also, those buyers who are primarily concerned with maintaining privacy should remember that the differences between blinds and blinds are significant. Of course, in both cases you can expect that we will be able to cut off the eyes of overly curious passers-by. However, it should be taken into account that the roller blinds will only give such an opportunity when the curtain is completely lowered. Blinds seem to be much more functional - they allow you to protect yourself from the curious gaze of your neighbor, and at the same time make it unnecessary to completely block the sun.

How much do custom-made aluminum blinds cost?

The prices of aluminum blinds, including those made to measure, are not excessive. They usually range from £20 to £100 apiece, although you can easily find even cheaper models.

What are the types of blinds?

Aluminum blinds can be divided into many groups. Therefore, customers can choose not only classic solutions, but also wood-like aluminum blinds, and even perforated models. For each type, you can expect an extensive range of colors, different types of control and a variety of assembly techniques that allow you to quickly adapt subsequent models to your needs.

How much do pleated blinds cost?

One of the hallmarks of pleated blinds is their not too high price. Even custom-made models usually do not require more than £30-40 each. The price of blinds can be influenced by both their size and the type of material used.

How do pleated blinds work?

Some doubts raised by the way pleated blinds work are primarily due to their rather unusual construction. The fabric of the width of the glass is folded in an accordion. It also has holes placed in two places and located at the same distance from its side edges. The holes in the fabric are used to thread strings through them. It is this clever solution that contributes to the fact that there is no question of spontaneous unfolding of the pleat. For the same reason, we can also count on the fact that the attractive appearance of the pleat will last for a long time.

The pleat can be mounted in several ways. However, it works the same every time. Regardless of whether you want to cover or reveal it, you need to move the slats to which the folded fabric is attached. It is best to use the plastic handles that have been placed in the middle of the beams. Depending on the current needs, you can both raise them up and pull them down.

How to choose pleated blinds?

Even before we decide to buy specific pleated blinds, we should think about how to find the ones that will best meet our needs. First of all, you should think about what type of them will be most useful to us. However, this is certainly not the only issue that needs to be addressed.

Pleated blinds are not only classic window pleats. There are also so-called free-hanging pleats on sale, and even special varieties hidden in the cassette. The choice depends primarily on our current needs and size possibilities.

We can also talk about big differences in the way of rolling up pleated blinds. The most frequently ordered models are rolled up, although double-function models are no less popular - rolled up in both directions. It is with them that we usually deal with roof windows.

An important factor taken into account when making a choice is also the material from which the pleats are made. There's plenty to choose from. The cheapest pleated blinds are those made of plastic and thin, light-transmitting fabrics. However, models made of knitted fabrics, bamboo fiber and even wood are also very popular. It is also worth remembering the role that the appropriate dimensions of roller blinds have to play. If they don't fit the window, even the best ones won't live up to expectations. With this in mind, it is hardly surprising that custom-made pleated blinds are the ones that are particularly popular today.

How to clean pleated blinds?

Cleaning pleated blinds is not complicated. However, it is good to remember that regularity turns out to be the key to final success. Today, pleats for windows are made primarily with the use of impregnated fabrics, and it is known that they can be washed without any problems. Of course, dry cleaning of pleated blinds is crucial. So, whenever possible, we should strive for such a solution. Unfortunately, you should be aware that dry cleaning will not always help to get rid of the stain.

Removing the pleats is not difficult. Before starting it, it is worth getting acquainted with the instructions from the manufacturer of these window covers. Unless otherwise instructed, start by unhooking the lower tabs. Then it is enough to set the cover in the closed position, then squeeze the two profiles and extend the lower handle. Of course, this method should be repeated for each subsequent hook.

After dismantling, you can start washing the pleats, although at this point it is advisable to exercise some caution. There is no question of throwing them into the washing machine. It is recommended to hand wash only, it is good to remember that the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Washing in water alone may not bring the expected results, so nothing stands in the way of reaching for one of the detergents. Delicate ones, which are designed for washing polyester fabrics, work best. Liquid soap is also an interesting alternative in this case. Do not crumple the blinds during washing. Rubbing and scrubbing them is also inadvisable.

Are roman blinds practical?

Roman blinds are an increasingly popular decoration of our windows. They can be integrated into various styles, so it is not surprising that it is also difficult to find rooms that could not fit. It is worth remembering, however, that the interest in them is not dictated only by their visual qualities. Practical considerations turn out to be no less important for buyers.

Unlike other types of roller blinds, we do not encounter any restrictions regarding their size. Therefore, Roman blinds fit not only to small windows in the bathroom, but also to long and wide living room windows. They are usually offered as custom-made solutions, so we do not have to worry that they will not fit tightly to the window on which they are to be placed. Roman blinds will also appeal to all those people who usually do not like window decorations, aware that each of them must be kept clean by performing time-consuming treatments. These can not only be removed quickly and easily, but also washed. What's more, although hand washing is recommended, washing Roman blinds in the washing machine should also not be a big problem. The fact that in the case of Roman blinds we are dealing with practical solutions is also evidenced by the ease of their installation. It is so simple that it does not require the involvement of specialists.

How much does a custom-made Roman blind cost?

The cost of purchasing Roman blinds is not excessive. It ranges from £60 to £200 per item, even for bespoke solutions. Among the factors affecting the price of the roller blind, its size is mentioned above all, although the method of its assembly is also important.

What are Roman blinds hung on?

Roman blinds can be mounted in at least several ways. The installation on the window frame seems to deserve special attention. Importantly, it can be not only an invasive assembly, but also one that does not require drilling to the frame. In the latter case, it should be remembered that non-invasive installation can only take place in relation to windows that do not have ventilators. In this case, the blinds are mounted using clamping catches at the very top of the window frame. If there are vents in the window, the only solution that can be used is invasive installation. Blinds installed in this way will protrude from the window, but we are dealing with a small distance, which usually does not exceed 3 or 3.5 centimeters.

If there is no space for invasive or non-invasive installation to the window, Roman blinds can be mounted both to the wall and to the ceiling, just above the window recess. In the latter case, it should not be a relatively delicate suspended ceiling. If there is a plasterboard on the ceiling, you should also expect some complications, but special mounting pins that provide greater stability come to the rescue. Bearing in mind aesthetic considerations, it is postulated to mount roller shutters under the ceiling, although mounting directly to the ceiling also turns out to have many advantages. An additional advantage of this solution is the optical enlargement and elevation of the room.

What are the best blinds for the kitchen?

Not every type of blinds praised as a perfect solution in the living room or bedroom will also work in the kitchen. When looking for solutions that perfectly match this room, it is worth taking an interest in Roman blinds and their advantages. Among them, the most important is the possibility of adjusting roller blinds to any type of window, regardless of its size and location. Also, uncomplicated assembly speaks for interest in the roller blind as a decoration in the kitchen. This can be attached not only to the window frame, but also to the ceiling and even to the wall. The operation of the Roman blind is also simple and intuitive, which is not without significance in a room such as a kitchen.

When placing blinds in the kitchen, we pay attention to their attractive appearance. However, what is of key importance to us is how a specific solution is able to protect us from the sun's rays. Fortunately, Roman blinds also cope with this task perfectly. Depending on what our current needs are, they can darken the room, but they do not have to completely block the access to sunlight. It is enough to choose one of the translucent fabrics, and we will not have to worry about the unpleasant dimness in the kitchen.

How much do day and night roller blinds cost?

The price of day and night blinds is influenced by at least several factors. The one whose importance seems to be crucial turns out to be primarily the size of the blinds. It is not difficult to guess that larger blinds are also the ones that use more material. It is also worth remembering that solutions sold to size are slightly more expensive than those in standard sizes. Of course, they are also better fitted and more solid, so it is not surprising that the vast majority of buyers accept this difference in price. Among the factors that affect the price of blinds are also their color and the method of installation. The price of one roller blind is not high. It ranges from 20-50 pounds.

Are day and night blinds blackout?

By buying day and night blinds, we want to protect ourselves not only from curious neighbors, but also from the sun's rays. The darkening effect is especially important when we lead an irregular lifestyle. If we can't always sleep at night and be active during the day, day-night blinds will certainly be a hit. Of course, not all of them give the same result, however, blinds with 99% blackout fabric are also available for sale and these perfectly protect against access to sunlight. People who use them on a daily basis confirm that even when the sun is particularly strong, they can sleep in comfortable conditions.

How to choose day and night blinds?

Day and night blinds should not be chosen randomly. Among the criteria that should be considered before buying them, their type is the one that comes to the fore. Day and night roller blinds do not always look and behave the same, the differences that relate to their construction are of key importance. Roller blinds in the cassette have guides, and the material itself can be hidden in a special housing. This provides additional protection against mechanical damage. The decision whether to choose models in a cassette or free-hanging roller blinds is not the only one that buyers will have to make. The issue of obscuration guaranteed by this type of solution is also of great importance for the level of their satisfaction with the purchase. Blackout blinds are available for sale. It is worth remembering, however, that this cannot be said about all types of them, so it is good to make sure that they have such properties before buying. It should not be forgotten that roller blinds are differentiated due to their dimensions. If you want to get the maximum benefit from their purchase, it is best to bet on those that are made to measure.

Do day night blinds shine through?

The belief that day and night blinds are transparent is one of the most frequently repeated myths about them. Its source is the tendency of buyers to choose blinds in very bright colors. Many people think that bright materials simply have to shine through. However, it is worth remembering that this is a wrong assumption.

Day and night roller blinds are made of alternating strips. Already at the stage of their design, care was taken to ensure that the mesh, which allows the sun's rays to pass through, could intertwine with this material, whose task is to limit the flow of light into the room. So you do not have to worry that a curious neighbor will always have control over what is happening in our apartment.

What blinds for a modern living room?

Roller blinds for a modern living room require not only an attractive appearance, but also functionality. No wonder that people who buy them pay attention not only to what material the window covers are made of. What is also important to them is how they will correspond to the lighting conditions typical for the living room. An important role is also attached to the stylistic consistency of roller blinds and other elements of room equipment.

Currently, we can observe a tendency to focus on minimalist living room blinds. The most classic models work well, especially if they are mounted in a discreet cassette. The price also includes pleated blinds and increasingly fashionable day-night blinds.

What instead of blinds on the windows?

Classic internal roller blinds are not the only window covers that we can choose. They are very popular, but there are also several other solutions available for sale that are worth looking into. The most interesting are window pleats, because they allow not only for effective, but also for extremely fashionable covering of the window.

Unlike classic blinds, pleats do not have slats. Their hallmark is therefore the ability to fold into an accordion. They can be purchased in various colors, so everyone is able to find the perfect solution for themselves. As if that wasn't enough, installing pleats in different shades on one window is also not a problem. Pleats made of so-called anti-reflection fabrics are also available for sale. Their additional advantage is that they can not only diffuse light, but also darken the room.

What are roller blinds for internal plastic windows?

Plastic windows are still the most popular solutions available on the market. People who decided to buy them, however, need not be afraid. It turns out that they fit really many types of blinds.

The most typical solution is, of course, classic internal blinds. They are made of fabrics that block the access of sunlight to the room, although it is worth remembering that these fabrics are not able to provide complete blackout. For many people, this is not a problem. Classic roller blinds allow you to cut off from nosy neighbors, and at the same time make you not have to worry about the gloomy twilight in the room.

However, not everyone can afford to give up full blackout. Fortunately, so-called blackout blinds also work well on plastic windows, ideal for people who work at night and need to sleep during the day. Models of this kind usually consist of two layers of fabric. Standard fabric goes hand in hand with gumming. Rubber is an extremely dense material, so you don't have to worry about it letting light through.

Modern blinds that look perfect on a plastic window are also the so-called day-night blinds jokingly called by some zebra. They are made of horizontal stripes that overlap in two layers. They also have convenient control, thanks to which you can evenly illuminate each room.

How much do custom-made interior blinds cost?

The prices of custom-made internal roller blinds depend on at least several factors. Their size turns out to be the most important, because it is the amount of fabric used that affects the cost of the purchased solution. However, the type of material used in the blind is also important. As a rule, models that provide full blackout will be more expensive than those that do not provide us with the same comfort. It is also worth remembering how important it is to personalize the blinds. These "tailor-made" ones are slightly more expensive than standard solutions. However, you can count on greater care in their implementation, and thus - also on a higher level of functionality. Usually prices range from a few dozen to a hundred pounds apiece.

How much do room blinds cost?

The prices of roller blinds for the room depend primarily on what type we choose. The cheapest are therefore the so-called mini blinds. They are easy to install and often cost less than £20 to purchase. Slightly lower quality, however, makes them usually a temporary solution. Fortunately, much more robust external blinds that provide blackout are not much more expensive. You can often buy them for just a few hundred zlotys apiece. The increasingly fashionable functional and elegant roller blinds day and night are characterized by similar prices.

What is the difference between venetian blinds and roller blinds?

Both in the case of roller blinds and blinds, we are dealing with window coverings. However, although there are a number of similarities between them, the differences can also be considered significant. One of the most important relates to the material from which they are made. Blinds are usually made of fabrics - both natural and synthetic. Aluminum, wood and plastics are also used to create the blinds.

Another significant difference concerns the method of rolling up both types of window covers. Blinds, as their name suggests, are rolled. Meanwhile, the slats in the blinds can rotate at an angle of up to 180 degrees. What's more, you can set them in different positions. This allows the gradation of the amount of light that reaches the interior, even if it does not involve the need to roll up the blinds completely.

When it comes to colors and design, people who decide to buy roller blinds must admit that they are in a privileged position. These are available in almost every color. As if that wasn't enough, it's up to the buyer what variant of their finish will be used. Manufacturers of blinds do not give so many possibilities, although they also constantly expand the colors of the solutions they offer.

What are the types of blinds?

Internal blinds can be divided into at least several types. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth knowing at least a few options before making the final purchase.

Roman blinds - they are as functional as classic fabric blinds, but their appearance also evokes associations with curtains. They are made of fabrics. After pulling the string, they fold in waves, which increases their visual attractiveness. Pleated blinds - have the form of free-hanging concertinas, although they can also be sold in guides. They appear in both standard and less typical windows. There are both classic proposals and models called dual-function known for being able to roll them in two directions. Mini blinds with a line - they are also called free-hanging blinds. They have the form of fabrics glued to a roll. They are attached to the wall above the window, although there are no contraindications to placing them also in the window frame. They are usually based on a string system adjacent to the window frame. One of their biggest advantages is the ability to open the window freely even when they are completely lowered.

What does a blackout blind mean?

Blackout blinds are also called blinds for special tasks. They are placed in rooms whose location exposes them to strong sunlight. They work well not only during the day, but also in the evening, when you want to free the room from all the lights that come from street lamps and other types of artificial lighting. What distinguishes them from classic blinds is the structure of the material. They have an ordinary fabric, but one of their structural elements is also a rubberized layer that does not let light through. Importantly, blackout blinds do not have to be extremely dark.

How to choose blackout blinds?

Contrary to the fears of many people, blackout blinds are on sale in an increasing selection. The first step that should be taken when preparing to buy them is to make a decision regarding whether we dream of classic blinds of this type or blinds that darken the day and night. If the choice is to be well thought out, it is necessary to determine at the outset what the installation of the blackout roller blind will look like. The vast majority of models can be mounted not only to the window, but also to the wall and ceiling. However, if we do not get acquainted with the possibilities of a particular room beforehand, it may turn out that the purchase will not be successful. To the surprise of many people, blackout blinds do not have to be kept in a dark tone. Before buying, it is worth considering what colors will work best in our case.

How much do vertical blinds cost?

The price of vertical blinds is slightly higher than the price of classic external blinds. However, it is still not big enough to give up buying them. Made-to-measure blinds can be purchased for between £30 and £80 each. You can also reduce the cost by choosing more copies at the same time.

How do vertical blinds work?

Vertical blinds, also known as vertical blinds, look great. However, this is not their only advantage. It is difficult to find a solution that is equally good at shielding rooms from the sun's rays. One of the most important components in their case are the rails. These are mounted to the wall or ceiling. It is to the rails that the vertical strips of material are attached. It is the adjustment of the belts that also leads to the adjustment of the light supply. So if we open them - we contribute to the fact that more sunlight enters the room. As if that wasn't enough, by moving the slats to one side of the window, you can completely cover the window. The control of verticals can be done in several ways. Usually, the classic bead mechanism, well known from other types of roller blinds, is designed for this purpose. However, nothing stands in the way of using electric control.

How to choose vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are welcomed by buyers with great appreciation. However, it should be taken into account that their purchase requires prior preparation. The most important issue is the one that relates to the choice of belt width. Here, not only your own preferences in this regard are taken into account, but also the size of the room. It is often pointed out that wider slats look great especially in larger rooms. It also depends on the buyer what type of control will be used in the case of vertical blinds. The most classic is the bead mechanism, but modern blinds of this type can also be operated electrically. It is also worth remembering that one of the hallmarks of this type of blinds is a wide color palette, so the buyer does not have to impose unnecessary restrictions in this regard.

How to choose modern curtains for the living room?

Contrary to the fears of many people, curtains work great not only in classic interiors, but also in modern living rooms. They should, of course, be selected with the greatest possible care, but there are many solutions on sale that perfectly fulfill this task.

The first issue that needs to be addressed is the weight of the material. She is the one who decides how it is arranged. In modern interiors, thick curtains may seem too heavy, but if you do not want to give them up, nothing prevents you from turning to delicate fabrics. No less important is what we choose to fasten the curtains. If the room is quite large, even in a modern living room, ruffled curtains will look great. However, if the living room is not the largest, it is worth betting on fashionably connected solutions. Such curtains seem more delicate.

How much do custom curtains cost?

The prices of curtains depend primarily on their length and width. The more material is used to make them, the more expensive they will be. However, not only the material itself affects the purchase cost. Its texture and the way the curtains are attached also play a big role. It is also known that curtains to size are more expensive than those that have standard sizes. The cheapest solutions cost several dozen zlotys, although you can pay even several hundred pounds for custom-made curtains.

What are the fashionable curtains now?

Contrary to the fears of many people, curtains have not disappeared from living rooms at all. However, it is impossible not to notice that the ones that are currently the most popular are fundamentally different from the classic proposals. It is worth noting, for example, the interest that has been aroused in recent seasons by less obvious colors of curtains. Not only a light shade of gray is becoming more and more fashionable, but also yellow. Another interesting stylistic measure used by an increasing group of buyers is the choice of curtains that are characterized by different shades of the same color.

Fashionable curtains do not have to be monotonous at all. Nothing prevents them from becoming a window decoration in the full sense of the word. Floral and plant motifs are gaining more and more popularity, the real hit of recent months are unusual 3D curtains.

What curtains are the best blackout?

Curtains are more and more often referred to as typically decorative solutions. However, it must not be forgotten that they are able to effectively stop the sun's rays. Of course, not all of them will cope equally well with this kind of task. Increasingly, however, mention is made of the extraordinary possibilities that blackout curtains open up to us.

If we care about complete blackout, the curtains should be made of fabric that completely stops the light. Jacquard and velvet are usually mentioned here, although velor may also be an interesting solution. It should be emphasized that the type of fabric, not its color, plays a decisive role in blackout curtains. As a result, we can count on excellent blackout even when the fabric has a light shade. You also do not have to worry about the fact that the blackout curtain will be massive and heavy.

How much does an electric curtain rod cost?

Electric curtain rods do not have to be expensive at all. Their price ranges from 250 to 700 pounds, although often the costs associated with the installation of such a solution should also be added to it. It is primarily influenced by the size of the curtain rods, although the material from which they are made is also important.

What curtains for electric curtain rods?

Matching curtains to electric curtain rods does not have to be difficult. Not only classic solutions, but also blackout curtains will be perfect for this. Of course, not every purchase will be equally successful. Even before its finalization, it is therefore advisable to determine how wide the electric ceiling rail is, what height separates the ceiling from the floor and what material we like the most. Curtains for curtain rods of this kind are usually equipped with special hooks. No wonder that we usually deal with solutions that are made to measure.

How much space for an electric curtain rod?

The standard dimensions of the recess in which it is best to place the electric curtain rod are about 20 centimeters wide and 12-15 centimeters deep. Following these recommendations, you can count on the impression that the curtains are flowing from the ceiling. The advantage of this solution is that the curtain rod is almost invisible when the curtains are closed. You also do not have to worry that the specificity of the room will prevent the use of a curtain rod. Its length is reported at the time of ordering. If it is larger than 2.5 meters, you should take into account the need to assemble several elements of the set together.

Which electric curtain rail to choose?

In most cases, electric curtain rods are made to measure, so there is no fear that we will not be able to match them to the specifics of our interior. This does not mean, however, that the purchase of a really attractive solution does not require us to carefully prepare for it.

One of the most important issues concerns the control of the device itself. It is therefore worth considering whether we prefer to use the remote control or the wall-mounted switch. Also, keep in mind that not everyone moves the curtains the same way. When choosing an electric curtain rod, it is good to determine whether they are to be exposed on one or two sides. It is also worth considering what type of fabric is to be used. There are no major limitations here, but it should be remembered that the subsequent ones differ due to their importance and these differences should be taken into account already at the stage of searching for an appropriate solution.