Roman Blinds Model II - Plush 19


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Roman Blinds Model II

Roman Model Blinds II Roman blind model characterized by the use of round underwires with a diameter of 4mm. Underwires help keep the blind fabric straight when lowered and keep it even. to size Roman blinds and curtains blackout to size in colour Plush 19, in the Knall online store. The group of Plush fabrics are unique materials that give Roman blinds and curtains a unique character thanks to their unique texture and thicker weave. The weave is slightly looser, which means that natural light enters the room even after lowering the Roman blind. Thanks to this, the room is lit, but at the same time private. In addition, the weave beautifully decorates the fabric of the blind. The color palette in the Plush collection consists of friendly shades, thanks to which these fabrics will fit into many different interior arrangements. These materials are not completely opaque, but they provide enough privacy in the room. Fabrics from the Plush collection are the perfect choice for people who appreciate natural light and original design. Their unique character will certainly attract attention and give the room a unique character.

Roman Blinds Model II

Model 2 - blind with circular underwires (4mm) in a transparent horizontal band. A minimum package of 23cm.
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perfect fit Roman Blinds Model II

Roman model blinds II

Roman blind model characterized by the use of round underwires with a diameter of 4mm. The underwires help keep the fabric of the blind straight when lowered and support it in even and elegant folds when rolled up. In this type of blind, the fold is at least 24 cm long. Due to the use of underwires, the cover is recommended not only for lighter fabrics, but also for heavier ones, which could lose their shape without this type of stiffening.

All our blinds are made to measure, thanks to which they are always perfectly matched.

Roman Blinds Model II

Blind characteristics

  • blind with 3mm round underwires with folds on the back of the fabric. Package minimum 23cm
  • when rolled up, the blind reaches a height of 15 to 25cm depending on the length of the blind
  • when using the bottom finish, the roller shutter is enlarged by about 10-14cm
  • the perfect alternative to traditional curtains or curtains
  • a small and aesthetic self-braking chain mechanism that allows you to stop the blind in any position
  • possibility of mounting on any window: mounting: on a wall, in a window recess, or on a window frame
  • available in the system: Velcro profile
  • operation of blinds: chain
  • maximum width: up to 3m
  • good price
  • 2 years warranty
  • Maximum width: 2700mm (270cm) Maximum height: 3000mm (300cm)
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Roman blinds in the Knall store

Roman blinds are a modern answer to traditional curtains, inspired by solutions from ancient Rome. Thanks to Knall, this stylish product reaches a new level, adding charm to many rooms in our customers' homes. Check the roman blinds page to choose the right model.

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