MGS day and night blind - free-hanging, wall or ceiling mounting - Secret DN 206 yellow


MGS day and night blind - free-hanging, wall or ceiling mounting


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Zebra day and night blinds in a free-hanging system made to size MGS - wall/ceiling, ordering online store Yellow is one of the most famous and recognizable colours. It is associated with joy, sun and spring morning. It is a colour that adds energy and stimulates action. Many people believe that yellow is not only the colour of optimism, but also of happiness. In architecture and interior design, yellow is often used as an addition that adds freshness and enlivens interior. It is a universal colour that can be easily combined with other colours. It can be used both in interior design and in fashion. It is worth noting that yellow can have different shades, from a bright lime yellow to a warm golden colour. In any case, yellow is a popular colour that adds a lot of positive energy and is a good choice for active people.

MGS day and night blind - free-hanging, wall or ceiling mounting

MGS day and night blind is characterized by great versatility. It combines the functions of a classic roller blinds with the style and appearance of roller blinds in the cassette. With universal handles, the blind can be mounted everywhere.
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Perfect fit day and night blinds MGS

Perfect fit

"Free hanging MGS" - An MGS blind is characterized by its broadness of applications. It combines functions of a free hanging blind with style and look of a cassette blind. The blind is perfect for decorating and shading an office, a living room, a bathroom or a children's room. It is perfect for shadowing sizeable surfaces. Aesthetic appearance, easy installation - these are the features that make the blind so popular among customers.

All our blinds are made to measure, which always makes them fit perfectly.

 MGS day and night blinds - free-hanging, wall or ceiling mounting


  • a self-braking chain mechanism enabling to stop the blind in a any given position
  • available colors of equipment (mechanism, handles, chain): white, brown
  • a covering profile resembling a cassette
  • plain and day&night fabrics available
  • a possibility to cover sizeable surfaces
  • can be attached to a wall, a ceiling, through pegs
  • operation of the blind: a chain
  • a wide array of fabric's colors.
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Day and night blinds in the Knall store

Day and night blinds in Knall are a modern alternative to traditional blinds. At Knall we have extensive experience in the production of these window coverings. Day and night blinds from Knall, thanks to their well-thought-out design, are easy to install and thanks to their high quality, they will serve for years.

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