How to choose a window cover

The functions of the window covers may be different depending on their type and the type of fabric we choose. The two basic ones are sun protection and decoration. However, there are much more of them if you take into account the functions of the room in which they are to be located, its location in the house and where the cover is to be located - on the inside or outside of the window.

The choice depends on the style of the interior and individual needs. However, the offer is so extensive that it is not difficult to choose the right type of cover. On the contrary; sometimes it's hard to decide. In addition, manufacturers pay great attention to quality. High-quality fabrics and aesthetically made accessories make each of them look very aesthetic and emphasize the style of the room in which it is located.

What to consider when choosing
Since there are so many advantages, how to choose the right cover?
First, the style of the interior design. A lot depends on the style in which we arrange our interior. Will it be modern interiors? Or rather, we are supporters of tradition. The styles of the interior are different, they can be slightly modified; you can also combine them. You just have to remember that everything harmoniously works together without the effect of "overload" and satiety.

The Scandinavian style and all its variations are still very popular. Here, undoubtedly, the best "covers" made of natural materials: wooden blinds and Roman blinds, curtains will also be a good idea. Combination with nature and minimalism is the main Main features of this style. If we are followers of tradition, decorative curtains may be an ideal idea. Curtains are becoming more and more popular due to modern solutions such as curtain poles They are electric and very high-quality materials from which they are sewn. They also act as curtains, depending on the type of fabric we choose.
When it comes to complementing the style of the decor with internal blinds, we also have very original-looking pleated blinds. Their material is arranged in characteristic pleats, and the original distinguishing feature is that it is placed between two rails. Both rails slide and the roller shutter can be in the middle of the glass, for example. Classic fabric roller blinds will be a universal solution; A large selection of their types makes them fit well in a variety of styles.

Second degree of protection from the sun.Here we can deal with various needs. The windows of the rooms, for example, face south and are hot in the warm weather. The rooms can be located in the attic, then they will heat up even more intensively. In such situations, external covers are the best solution: external roller blinds and external roller blinds, and facade blinds. This type of cover is installed outside and creates a barrier to sunlight in front of the glass. An air cushion is formed between the window and the cover, and the glass remains cold - it is 80% responsible for heating the rooms. This type of covers will also be perfect in the attic.
Internal blackout blinds will also be a good option. Blackout fabrics are gummed, so they provide almost 100% shading. It is automatically cooler in a well-shaded room.

Third, the functions of the premises. Here we mainly choose the material, its type and color. In rooms such as the kitchen or the living room, you can use light colors and choose a more delicate material, so that even with the blinds or blinds down, the rooms are brightened. The same principle applies to smaller rooms - bright covers will not reduce them optically. On the other hand, where you usually rest and you want to limit the amount of light, you can use a darker color or a gummed fabric (bedroom, child's room).

There is no problem with that. The covers offered in the Knall shop (external and internal) are made to measure. They can be adapted to windows of various sizes.