Interiors in 2021

Every year at this time on our blog we watch the trends appearing in interior design. What has changed and has anything changed at all? Have there been any new, interesting decoration solutions? What about the color scheme? The world of interior decoration is as colorful as the world of fashion. It is worth knowing what will happen in it in 2021, because it may inspire us to make some interesting changes that will change the house.

Two basic concepts emerge from the forecasts in the decorating trends of 2021. One focuses on ecology, nature and minimalism. The second is for decadence and extravagance. In both cases, our personality will be the starting point. This word is everywhere. The upcoming trends do not focus on homogeneous solutions; they carry a message that tells us, first and foremost, to be ourselves. They chose what we liked the most, they decorated the interiors so that we could feel the best in them. So that they are ours, not interior warehouses. Therefore, this year will be very varied in terms of interior design trends.

Nature to przede wszystkim ekologia, minimalizm, naturalne materiały, stonowane kolory i rośliny. Kolory tego roku inspiruje piasek i ziemia – delikatne brązy i beże, łagodne szarości, przytłumiona żółć i rdzawy pomarańcz. Warto zwrócić też uwagę na trend tworzenia klimatycznych wnętrz w tonacji szaro – beżowej; tworzy to przestrzeń jasną i przytulną. Jednak pomimo stonowanej kolorystyki absolutnie nie ma tu mowy o nudzie. Projektanci nie zapomnieli bowiem o wielobarwności przyrody. Mamy tu nasycone odcienie zielonego i niebieskiego kojarzące się z wodą, niebem i lasem oraz róż, czerwień i fiolet kolorowych kwiatów. Takie akcenty kolorystyczne ożywiają pomieszczenia, a minimalistyczne aranżacje w tym roku stają się bardziej szykowne i przytulne.

Naturelne materiały wykorzystywane w urządzaniu wnętrz to drewno (nie tylko meble ale także podłogi i elementy ścian), kamień, wiklina, bambus, ceramika, szkło i metal. Ten ostatni do tej pory pojawiał się głównie w kuchni i łazience, ale teraz to także np. lampy i stoliki w salonie. No i naturalnie tekstylia; w tym roku na poduszkach i pledach oraz obiciach sof i foteli będzie królowała delikatna wełna.

If nature and ecology then of course vintage. Vintage is not necessarily antiques, nowadays it is more about restoring furniture that until now found its place in the attic or in the basement. By giving old furniture a second life and by combining it with modern elements, we create a unique style related to memories, but without the effect of an old mess. At this point, it is also worth mentioning the "wabi - sabi" trend originating in Japan. It focuses on the imperfections of consumables and enjoying their natural cycle of maturation and aging. things and materials with traces of use and devoid of perfect appearance.

And plants, of course! This year, they become an ornament in themselves - "curled" designer pots made of, for example, ceramics.

In 2021, we will be inspired by the boho and art deco styles. Art deco is a design of the inter-war period, crazy 1920s and 1930s. It is combined with elegant coverings, knick-knacks, mirrors, flowing lines and symmetrical space management. It is associated with luxury, elegance and attention to detail.
The distinguishing feature here are also geometric lines (rectangle, square, circle) of furniture and lamps. In 2021, the rounded shapes of sofas and armchairs are gaining particular popularity. The materials are mainly wooden polishes and veneers, marble and gilding, ebony and ivory. Favorite art deco fabrics include satin and velvet, often quilted or decorated. The colors are subdued and combined with the function of the room, e.g. gray and beige in the living room are enlivened by red and deep shades of green, and in the bedroom or bathroom there are only cool colors different. However, what is most characteristic here is the contrasting combination of black and white, for which Coco Chanel's Parisian apartment is famous.

Boho, on the other hand, is a passion for natural materials and original decorations. It is a style that focuses on multi-color and artistic ease; intense colors and their flashy combinations dominate here. Vintage furniture is combined with modern accessories and elements of pop culture, art is combined with folklore design, and exotic decorations with delicate materials. The dominant colors here are intense red, turquoise, purple, but also delicate pastels, especially if there are expressive decorations in the interior. An eclectic interior, saturated with color, emerges from the apparent disorder.