Terrace - a quiet place under an awning

Awnings can be associated primarily with summer and heat. The intense sun can effectively drive us away from the terrace or balcony, and the fabric of the awning creates a pleasant shade and makes it possible to rest outside even during the heat. Will awnings also prove useful in autumn?

Of course you are. Awnings will not protect against intense autumn rain, but they can protect against cooler air. Due to climate change, awnings can be used for most of the year. For this reason, their popularity is growing, and new products appear in the category. Colder spring, hot summer and still warm and long autumn is the time when awnings can be used successfully.

Versatility of awnings

Awnings are a universal product due to the variety of products in this category. Balcony and terrace create a comfortable shade, and at the same time protect the window panes of the balcony/terrace from the sun, thanks to which it is also cooler inside. The BORA side awnings are a novelty among the awnings. It is mainly thanks to this model that these products can be used for most of the year.

The BORA side awning is installed vertically on the side of the balcony or terrace. The stretched fabric creates a sort of side wall, protecting the space from blasts of cooler air. The easiest way to compare this is to a screen cover.

When it is hot outside, the side shield will protect us from the rays coming from the side when the sun is lowering, but all the time it is intense. In spring and autumn, on the other hand, a side shield will allow you to create a quiet corner on the terrace or balcony, which, warmed up by the sun, will be very cozy. The side awning works in the same way as those installed horizontally. The material can be pushed out to any length with an easy-to-use manual or spring mechanism. The only difference is the possibility of creating a side shield. Such a solution will be perfect for terraced houses or apartment buildings - the fabric will also protect the neighbors from the gaze, giving the terraces/balconies an intimate atmosphere. In addition, taking into account the extensive offer of terrace furniture and various types of textiles and lighting, such a corner can be arranged very tastefully and enjoy it on cooler autumn afternoons.

Awnings in the design of the terrace and balcony

The offer in the awning category is designed in such a way that the product could be easily matched to the color of the facade. The same applies to what is new in this category, the BORA side awnings. They can be matched to the color of the facade and, at the same time, to a classic terrace/balcony awning, if we have one. These products are ordered according to the size specified when placing the order. For each model, the maximum possible size of the product is given.

The ability to adjust the colors and dimensions allows you to nicely arrange the appearance of the terrace or balcony, and at the same time not negatively affect the aesthetics of the entire facade. The stretched fabric of the awning is eye-catching, which is why it is so important to pay attention to aesthetics. It is also maintained by the high quality of the fabric itself (specially impregnated materials) and the accessories (aluminum resistant to weather conditions).