Verticale - comfort and aesthetics in a public utility space

Protecting the interiors against the sun is what makes us feel comfortable in them. A pleasant peninsula, and thus a pleasant temperature; moreover, the intimacy of being in the home space. Yes, window covers are an essential element of interior design. Not only do they protect them from excessive sunlight, but they are also a decorative element. Appropriately selected interior devices emphasize their character and consistently complete the overall look.

Window covers perform similar functions in public spaces. First of all, they shield from the sun, but also affect aesthetics. Interiors of this type should also be well taken care of, and covers chosen according to their appearance and colors. Imagine offices, offices, hospitals, courts, schools and colleges, libraries or other public places with unobstructed windows. The more that in such rooms the windows are large, and often occupy the entire wall. Without the right covers, working or staying in them would be gentle to say the least.

One of the most popular methods for effective and aesthetic protection against the sun in public spaces are velticale. Vertical blinds are vertical blinds made of strips of material (slats) placed vertically.

Advantages of verticals
Veticalefirst of all, they are intended for large windows, as well as glass surfaces that will be at the same time a building wall. Their key advantage is that protecting the rooms from the sun does not darken them completely. The natural light is dim and you can still use it without having to turn on artificial lighting.

In these types of covers, vertical strips of material are placed on the rail, which is mounted to the wall/ceiling. The control system is self-braking, thanks to which the material stays in one position without the effect of inert and unsightly hanging. With the help of the control mechanism, the belts can be placed in a completely closed position or tilted at any angle. You can also slide all the strips to one side of the window entirely. Manual control can be replaced by an electric one.

The color palette of verticals materials is extensive, you can also choose different structures. Bright colors have the ability to optically enlarge smaller spaces. In contrast, colorful and textured can emphasize the style of spacious rooms. In addition, please note that verticals can also be used to create partition walls. This solution can be used, for example, in medical or cosmetic surgeries.

When selecting verticals for public spaces you can also choose those which are equipped with hygienic certificate (PZH) and non-flammability certificate (ITB).

Systems of verticals w Knall
In the Knall online store, we offer verticals in two systems: Classic and Premium. In each of them you can choose vertical strips of material in two widths; 89mm and 127mm. The differences in the width of the strips (slats) are significant in relation to the size of the room in which the vertical is to be mounted and the way it will be used most often. The 127mm wide material is ideal for large rooms with large glazing; when it comes to the way of using verticals, this width of lamellas is more convenient when they will be more often only tilting (without frequent shifting to one side). 127 mm wide material is also more often used to create partitions. In turn, narrower fins (89mm) are better when you want to often not only deflect the material, but also slide it to one side.

Systems differ in the way they are controlled. In the Classic system, we can choose manual, with a chain and string, or a rod or electric. In the Premium system, only manual - string and string or rods. Both systems offer a wide range of colors and different material textures.