The colors of the window coverings

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The world outside the window is slowly starting to change its colors to autumn so we also decided to devote this entry to colors. We are surrounded by them; We like some, hate others. Actually, it is not known what it depends on. Colors have their own, sometimes very strange, names and they supposedly can influence our mood.

The theme of colors is most often associated with fashion, but it is also closely related to interior design. In the fall, we may want to wear a red scarf and then a gray one; it's easy to change. However, the colors that we surround ourselves with at home must be carefully thought out. We should feel calm in our interiors, enjoy their appearance every day and not think about quickly repainting or changing something.

The same applies to window covers. The color they will be in is closely related to the design of the entire interior, everything should harmonize with each other. Regardless of whether we choose curtains that remain visible after being uncovered, being a kind of frame for the window, or blinds or roller blinds, which will be less noticeable when rolled up, the color remains very important all the time. The cover is not only an ornament, but also a functionality that protects against the sun, heat and ensures intimacy. Therefore, after covering it, it must be a nice complement to the decor, in line with our taste and interior design.

Earth colors 
The combination of elegance and functionality is the main task of the covers. Some of us like subdued colors, the so-called earth colors. They are associated with calmness, they are delicate and gentle. The gentleness and expressiveness of nature has been present in projects for a long time. The colors we have here are mainly browns, yellows and greens. In the palette of earth tones, we deal with their various shades, so e.g. browns are both very light colors and dark ebony.

For each type of cover on the Knall online store website, there is a full range of colors to choose from when placing an order. Decorative curtains or Roman and Fabric blinds, day/night fabric blinds or other - we always choose the color that interests us. We also don't have to think about functionality; If we like bright colors and we want to have them throughout the house, then by choosing one of the types of roller blinds, we can choose a gummed material that will provide 100% blackout (it will work, for example, in a bedroom). Also, smaller interiors will require uniform and light colors so that they do not appear optically smaller.

When it comes to earth tones, you cannot forget about wooden blinds, which is a completely unique category. Natural wood (and this is what wooden blinds are made of) and its shades can give the interior a completely unique atmosphere. The advantage here is that you can choose slats (lamellas) of different widths, and thus adjust the cover to smaller and larger interiors.

Colors, colors and even more colors
Earth colors are subdued colors and not everyone likes them. A strong color accent can liven up a room, you can't just overdo it. With a colored window cover, the walls and accessories should tone up the whole. The extensive range of colors allows you to use one type of roller blinds or blinds, but also use different colors. The same goes for decorative curtains. In this way, the living room or kitchen can have less intense colors and in lighter shades, so that there is more natural light in them, even after the curtains are closed, but in other rooms (bedroom, children's room) you can go more crazy.

Sometimes the rooms in houses are designed in different colors, with different color accents. An extensive color palette of roller shutters, blinds and curtains will allow you to match everything without any problems. The interiors will be colorful and at the same time harmonious and tasteful.


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