Stylish fabric blinds

Material blinds are one of the most classic solutions in the field of window covering. It is a combination of simplicity and minimalism, which will work in rooms with different character and different styles of finishing. It is the universality of the fabric blinds that makes them still very popular.

Material blindsis a cover whose material is mounted on an attachment allowing, by means of a chain mechanism, to stop it anywhere in the glass. The whole can be installed in the light of the glass, on the window sash or to the wall/ceiling. Each type is designed to tastefully fit into the windshield. Interior window covers are not only a way to protect the interior from the sun or to ensure intimacy. It is also an important element of interior design. When designing the appearance of rooms, the window space must be consistent with the whole, it should complement it in terms of style and color. Otherwise, the interior chaos will reign. Especially, that currently architectural designs of houses, residential or office buildings are characterized by large windows. The more the way they will be overridden should be thought out.

Characteristics of material blinds
Material blinds są produkowane w trzech różnych rodzajach: bez kasety, w półkasecie i kasecie (micro). Ten podział wiąże się oczywiście z tym w jakim stopniu materiał jest schowany po całkowitym zwinięciu rolety. Natomiast stopień ochrony materiału po zwinięciu nie ma wpływu na długotrwałość estetyki rolety. Materiały, z których są produkowane cechuje bardzo wysoka jakość i odporność na osadzanie drobinek kurzu i powstawanie zabrudzeń. Z tej przyczyny długo zachowują ładny wygląd. Inną rzeczą jest blaknięcie koloru materiału; tutaj z czasem kolor może tracić swą intensywność pod wpływem promieni UV padających na osłonę po jej rozwinięciu. Jedynym sposobem na uniknięcie tego efektu może być dodatkowe zamontowanie rolet zewnętrznych: markiz pionowych lub screen blinds. They do not darken the rooms, but effectively stop the sun's rays in front of the glass limiting the harmful effects of the sun. This applies not only to the material of blinds, but also to the colors of furniture or walls.

Material blinds - montaż i tkaniny

The method of seating the material also affects the installation of fabric blinds. The roller shutter in the cassette (micro) is mounted in the light of the glass. The roller blind in the half-frame can be placed on the window sash or on the wall/ceiling, while the roller blind without the cassette can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

When it comes to the material itself, Knall online store offers fabric blinds in three groups: Standard, Premium and Exclusive. Materials in individual groups differ in texture and degree of darkness.
In the Standard group, materials are characterized by transparency, i.e. a certain degree of light transmission. All fabrics are one-colored.
The Premium Group is one-colored fabrics and, in part, patterned. The most striking feature here is that the material is covered with a pearl coating on both sides. Thanks to this, the lowered blind reflects the sun's rays very effectively.
Exclusive fabrics are darkening or completely darkening fabrics. The blackout properties are due to the special rubber. Rubberizing does not affect the aesthetics of the appearance. You can also find here unique materials inspired by nature; the material is interwoven with bamboo, straw and jute grass fibers.

Material blindswill be used in every home room. Thanks to the fact that they have an extensive palette of colors, there will be no problem with choosing them for the interior. An additional advantage is that they are made to size. Regardless of the size of the window, they can be placed in any home window creating a harmonious image both inside and outside.