Facade blinds - external sun protection

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Facade blinds are a modern and stylish type of covers installed on the outside of the windows. They are usually associated with large, glazed buildings, however, facade blinds are more and more often used in private homes. This is mainly due to the fact that their construction is light and simple, thanks to which they blend in perfectly with various architectural styles. In addition, they are a great solution for large glazing, and these are currently extremely fashionable in modern construction.

What is the uniqueness of facade blinds? In fact, it is hidden in their name. Facade blinds work in the same way as classic internal blinds, which means that thanks to their construction, we can regulate the flow of light into the rooms by appropriately adjusting the slats.

Facade blinds in practice
Facade blinds can be installed in buildings under construction or in buildings already in use. In the case of finished buildings, surface-mounted facade shutters are recommended, while in those under construction - concealed.

As it is an external cover, only materials that meet the highest quality requirements are used in the production; additionally, they are thermally fixed. They must be resistant to various weather conditions (intense sun, wind, rain, hail, snow, etc.) so that they do not lose their aesthetic appearance and do not disfigure the building. The slats (horizontal louvre slats) are made of profiled aluminum and can take the shape of the letter C or Z. The choice of shape, of course, depends on the design of the building and what will fit better with it.

The louvre slats are electrically operated with a remote control. The principle of their operation is the same as for internal blinds. Depending on the time of day, the intensity of the sun or the angle of its incidence, we tilt the slats so that only as much light as we need gets into the rooms. This is an important advantage of facade blinds - only some types of external blinds ensure the flow of natural light, and facade blinds belong to this group. Thanks to the inflow of sun in the rooms, you can function freely. At the same time, after the lamellas are completely covered, the building is effectively protected against heating in summer and against heat loss in winter. It is influenced by the airbag formed between the window pane and the shutter armor.

The aesthetics of the building
Facade blinds, like all covers at www.knall.com.pl, are made to measure. Therefore, it is easy to adjust them to an individual project. The choice of the shape of the lamellas (slats) allows you to emphasize the appearance of the facade from the outside; with the louvers fully lowered.

The choice also applies to the color and width of the slats. The color palette has been selected so that you can easily choose a color that matches the facade design. Similarly, the differentiation of the width of the lamellas is to make it easier to adjust the facade blinds to the appearance of the building so that the whole thing harmonizes with each other and the finished project looks aesthetically.


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