Protection of office rooms against the sun

Holidays are slowly coming to an end and it's time to come back to reality. Unfortunately. However, the slowly approaching autumn is also a beautiful and sunny season of the year. Cycling outside the city and walking in a park full of colorful leaves will help ease your longing for summer.

However, they will not soften any sunlight falling into the office. We have to take care of that ourselves. The end of summer and autumn are days still full of sun, and offices should be as well shielded from it as those at home. An uncomfortable heat and continuous squinting will certainly not help you focus on your work.

Shield but not darken

In shading windows in the workplace, it is important to reduce the temperature in the room, but at the same time to be able to work in it without the need to turn on artificial lighting.

They work very well in officesverticalsand they are mainly associated with sun protection of office spaces or places such as reading rooms, libraries, schools, universities or hospitals and offices. The vertically arranged strips of the material can be set at any angle, which ensures the inflow of natural light and easy access to the windows. They can also be used with large glazing, so they are perfect for conference rooms, university lecture halls or larger office spaces. Additionally, for example, in medical or cosmetic offices, they can be used to create partition walls that will ensure privacy for patients.

A good option in the office will also bePerforated aluminum shutters. There are small holes on the surface of the horizontal slats (lamellas). Thanks to this, even after they are completely covered, the natural sunlight is slightly dimmed.

External protection

If we are considering the choice of external shields, in buildings intended for office spaces, they will be used primarilyscreen blinds. Z pewnością osłony zewnętrzne najskuteczniej zapobiegają nagrzewaniu pomieszczeń zatrzymując promienie słoneczne przed powierzchnią szyby, a screen blinds tworzy siatka rozpraszająca naturalne światło, ale nie blokująca go więc w biurze będzie odpowiednio jasno. Siatka jest także zabezpieczeniem okien np. silniejszym wiatrem, a dodatkowo także przed wpadającymi do środka owadami.

Venetian blinds may be another solution. They work in the same way as the blinds inside - they are made of horizontal lamellas that can be set at any angle and provide the required light. However, here, after completely covering the lamellas in the middle, you will have to turn on artificial lighting.