External sun blinds, or how to effectively protect the interior of the house against heating

During hot weather, we take care to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. This provides us with the opportunity to rest and a moment of respite from the heat that prevails outside. In Europe, not only very high temperatures appear in summer, but also the accompanying torrential rains.

External roller shutters are more effective in preventing the interior of the house from heating up. In addition, they protect the windows against phenomena such as hail, which can damage the glass. It is a group of very versatile products and therefore it is worth knowing their advantages.

Why external blinds

The group of external roller blinds includes products such as: classic external roller blinds, external screen roller blinds and facade blinds. The main advantage of these products is that they protect the glass from contact with sunlight, and thus prevent it from heating up. Very often, external roller shutters are called "thermal screens". The most heat enters the interior through the panes; the outer sheath keeps it cool, hence the temperature inside is much lower than when using only inner sheaths.

In modern construction, large windows or glazing of the entire wall surface are used, so it is worth considering the installation of external covers, which effectively prevent the interior of the house from heating up. They are also a very good alternative to air conditioning, which not everyone wants or can install.

Roller shutters - types of products

Classic roller shutters create armor that virtually completely shades the interior. They are made of high-quality aluminum sheet covered with a two-layer varnish coating. The design and appropriate varnishing prevent damage caused by various weather conditions (sun, rain, wind) and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the cover.

Screen type roller shutters creates a fine mesh that does not completely obscure the interior. The light is diffused, but the glass covered with a mesh does not heat up. Screen blinds are made of high-quality materials, so that they are resistant to various types of weather and retain their original appearance.

Facade blinds They work identically to the internal ones - they consist of horizontal lamellas, the angle of which can be freely adjusted. External blinds allow you to completely darken the interior or regulate the amount of sunlight entering inside.

Additional advantages

External roller blinds or external shutters do not only prevent excessive heating of the interior of the house. Their additional advantages are:

  • Burglar and sound protection for classic roller shutters. Anti-burglary roller shutters - the lowered roller shutter armor can protect the house against burglary and suppress noise. In addition, you can also order a product with a mosquito net and get a protection against insects.
  • The mosquito net function in the case of screen type roller shutters. The fine mesh of the cover will not only prevent the rooms from heating up, but also prevent even small insects from entering inside.
  • The anti-burglary function and acoustic protection also apply to external venetian blinds. Anti-burglary blinds - closed slats will help protect the house against an attempted break-in, but also against loud sounds.
  • Electric external roller shutters - drive. All types of external covers are equipped with an electric drive, which facilitates their use and ensures safe use.
  • Protection against damage - facade blinds and external roller shutters can also protect the glass from damage, e.g. in sudden hail or strong wind, which breaks tree branches that could hit the window.

In the Knall store, covers are ordered to size - so you can choose them for different sizes of windows. We also offer Fakro external roller blinds and Velux external roller blinds. External covers can be installed not only at the construction stage of the house (flush-mounted roller shutters), but also in the finished building (surface-mounted roller shutters). They are adapted to vertical windows and balcony doors - external balcony shutters.